What’s on the petting zoo tour?

Farm and zoo tours are for the young and old alike. I personally take each group through throughout my family’s functioning farm to visit each group of animals and where I’ll talk about history of the land, how farms work and stories of my favorite critters. On the 60-75 minute tour, you can…

  • Walk through the 165 year old barn housing camels, horses and goats
  • Bottle feeding the pygmy goats and other baby animals
  • Meet Skyler the llama
  • Talk to Max the Macaw
  • Pet the largest rabbit you’ll probably ever see
  • See zebras, zebus, fallow deer and four-horned sheep
  • Cuddle with a baby pot-bellied pig
  • Surround yourself in the land of Charlotte’s Web

… have many more experiences with Rainbow Ranch’s friendly critters.

Who would enjoy Rainbow Ranch?

Rainbow ranch is for all ages. I’ve given exciting tours to hundreds of groups that include:

  • Families
  • School group outings
  • Church group outings
  • Boy and girl scout troops
  • Special needs children and adults
  • Senior citizens groups
  • Birthday parties

It’s a safe farm where only the friendliest animals get to stay. Visitors can get up close to the animals at their comfort, but animals like the cattle, deer, horses and the zebra are fenced in. Most, however, are small furry creatures that enjoy rubbing against your leg asking to be petted. With over 200 cute critters running around excited for attention, it’s a hard heart that can’t find something to love.

Will the petting zoo come to me?

Yes! I will bring the cutest and sweetest critters to your birthday parties, festivals, company picnics and even nativity scenes!

Hours, Prices and Directions:

Open April 1 through October 31
November through March – Call 618-424-7979 for Appointment

Wednesday through Saturday: 9am to 5pm (April, May, September, October); 9am to 1pm (June, July, August)
Sunday: 12pm to 5pm
(Monday & Tuesday tours available by appointment)

Tour Prices (Cash or Check Only):
$10 per person, children under one year free
Group Rate (25 or more) – $8 per person (Teachers with classes free)

Traveling Prices:

$300 for the first hour
$200 for each additional hour